New Book Based on Dwell Missionary's Experience

From the Dwell Missions Staff

Fall Like Rain, a novel by Nell Corbly, is based on a true story of life in Southeast Asia. This intimate look at the realities of Southeast Asia is written by a Dwell missionary under a pseudonym to protect the identity of those who contributed to the book.

Fall Like Rain follows the story of master’s student Sophy Seng, looking for a good resume builder, so she takes an internship in her parents' birth country of Cambodia in Southeast Asia. As she assimilates to this exotic land and its people, she's confronted with the true story of a young Cambodian girl. It's a story she cannot ignore; a story that changes her way of thinking: a story of one young woman's journey from fear to freedom.

Born in the early 1980s to survivors of the Khmer Rouge genocide, Kunthea can't figure out exactly what happened and why no one will talk about it. Surrounded by a family still shell-shocked by the horror, she's determined to make sense of life, all while struggling to survive. When Sophy discovers Kunthea's lost diary, the puzzle of the Cambodian girl's life comes together piece by piece, drawing Sophy deeper into her world. Confronted with questions she'd never considered asking, Sophy gets much more than she'd bargained for in this six-month internship. Fall Like Rain is a revealing of the dark realities of poverty; of belief systems rooted in lies, and the ultimate power of truth to stamp out the darkness.

Dwell leaders recommend the book:

  • Fall Like Rain is an inspiring story of God’s redemptive power and His faithfulness to seek and to save those who are lost. The book provides an excellent overview of Khmer culture and worldview. It is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding more about the people of Cambodia.”-- Dave Glover, Division Coordinator for the Missions Division.
  • Fall Like Rain is a powerful and compelling story that immerses the reader in both the hardships and beauty of Cambodia. I found myself stopping to pray for Cambodia at multiple different points throughout the reading. It shows the necessity of the gospel in order to have victory over the forces that are currently at work in this world and to restore hope. I recommend this to anyone interested in seeing how the gospel intersects with real hardships and how it offers lasting hope to all people, regardless of cultural background!”-- Kate Mizelle, Elder & Senior Sphere Leader

Fall Like Rain is available at the Study Center and for purchase through Amazon.