New Main Campus Tents Adds Gathering Space

If you drive by Dwell’s Main Campus, you’ll notice something new: 2 large tents side-by-side on the north side of the large parking lot. The tents expand Dwell’s sheltered outdoor space in a cost-effective way, meeting both a short and long-term need.

The 2 tents together provide space for over 300 socially distanced seats and, when COVID guidelines are lifted, space for over 600 people sitting closer together. Operations Division Coordinator Steve Bauer says “We are very excited to provide open space during what remains an unstable time. And once we have some feeling of normalcy, these new tents will provide great space for ongoing ministry. 

With COVID guidelines in place, Steve says there’s been a need for people to have space to gather in the open air. “This will be outstanding outdoor space allowing for large meetings and small gatherings even in somewhat inclement weather.”

He also says the tents will be useful for large events like XSI, VBS, and the annual community festival, long after COVID concerns pass. In the past Dwell has rented tents for these events, and Steve says that cost-savings of not renting, along with unspent money from 2020’s budget, covered the cost of this long-term improvement.

The tents sit on a gravel pad. Steve says the new pad offers a side benefit, addressing an issue of poor drainage in that part of Dwell’s property. And he says the gravel pad sets us up well for a possible permanent structure on the site in the future.

The tents will get their first workout this weekend--they’ll be in use for the Servant Team Retreat at Main Campus.