New Playground Installed at Main Campus

After 26 years with the original equipment, Dwell’s Main Campus playground now has new equipment, offering kids of all ages the chance to play in a fun, safe, and challenging environment.

The new set up offers a main area where a lot of kids can play together, and several smaller stations, lower-to-the-ground stations, where 1 or 2 kids can play. The new structures follow all current safety standards.

Oasis Director Jeff Risley says the playground was designed to offer important physical challenges to kids. He says this particular design works off the theory that added risk actually leads to safer outcomes. Jeff says the new structures challenge kids to test themselves and develop an increased sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction from overcoming fears. 

Jeff says, “I love it when kids feel like they can't do the big slide, but then try with a little encouragement from their parents and friends. They try it and are so proud of themselves–very cool to see that type of growth.”

Dwell started planning for the new playground in 2020, since it could no longer find replacement parts and the old playground was suffering from the elements and heavy use. Through careful planning it was able to secure removal of the old equipment and construction of the new at a reasonable price. Dwell was also able to save by taking organic material from the old playground and using it to level an area near Building X.

Bring your kids and their friends to check out the new playground soon!