Dwell Launches New Website

Dwell is pleased to announce its launched a new website--you can explore it at dwellcc.org. With a million page views a year from around the world, Dwell’s website is a key feature of our ministry.

The new website offers improved navigation, updated graphics, and a new interface for our website’s most popular features--resources from thousands of Bible teachings.

Dwell Pastor Conrad Hilario says Dwell's online reach is significant. "Our website provides free resources, such as class material and teachings, to like minded churches both in the United States and abroad. We regularly get messages from believers in different countries thanking us for contributing to their equipping efforts." 

It’s been redesigned for a number of reasons, including the fact that our church has changed its name. The new website uses the new name in its content and in its URL--dwellcc.org. The redesign also gave us a chance to update materials across the board.

Dwell Pastor Scott Risley says it's always a challenge to accurately communicate who we are to people who have never attended. "The average person comes in expecting us to be like their typical experiences of 'church.' It saddens me to hear of people writing us off based on an inaccurate impression of who we are. This redesign attempts to remedy that."

Scott says, of course, to really understand Dwell you'd have to visit, but he says this redesign helps communicate the relational nature of our church, encouraging people to be real, and not fake. "This is why we have featured testimonies and lots of updated photos of people hanging out together, being happy together."

A major part of the redesign is a new interface for for accessing Bible teachings. You’ll now be able to search and filter the teachings by Bible book and chapter, by teacher, by teaching type, and more parameters. You can see a summary of the teaching you’re looking at as well.

Scott says this part of the redesign communicates our value for God's word. "We studied how different types of users search for teachings, we re-built the flow from screen to screen, and went through several rounds of user testing to make it as easy as possible to access our extensive library of Bible teachings. We hope and pray this will make it easier for home church leaders to find the resources they need to lead their groups, and that it will be a blessing to other Christians around the world."

You’ll notice a lot of new photography, giving Dwell a chance to visually highlight its many wonderful ministries. 

Look through the site and let us know what you think, particularly if you encounter any issues. You can report anything you notice (positive or negative) by going to https://forms.gle/GBKUe2gfUAfoR5iM7.