Pacesetters' Faithful Service Yields Joyful Opportunity

Over the holidays, Dwell’s Pacesetters ministry was invited to share some special Christmas cheer with residents at Friendship Village Columbus, a senior-living community near Dwell’s main campus. Over 40 volunteers, young and old, braved the cold to paint holiday decorations on the residents’ windows.

Pacesetters Director Ben Foust says it was exciting that the Friendship Village staff initiated the idea. “We have developed a warm relationship with them this year during the pandemic, as Dwell members have written hundreds of letters of cheer to the quarantined residents this year. Recently, the staff has begun distributing Gary’s Pacesetters Weekly Devotional readings to residents who can’t attend church because of COVID.”

The decorations were painted around the windows’ edges so residents could continue to see guests at the windows--the only place they’ve been able to have visitors since March. Also decorated--the windows of rooms where COVID patients are being treated. Friendship Village Community Life Director Linda McNeal-White says her staff is thankful. “Friendship Village really appreciates your church being willing to come help. The residents really enjoyed looking at the artwork this season.”

And the staff has asked Pacesetters volunteers to return in February to decorate for Valentine’s Day! If you’d like to volunteer, contact Theresa Lyons at