Pacesetters Ministry Pivots to COVID-19 Needs

On March 12th the Dwell Pacesetters’ ministry was ready to launch a bi-weekly Bible study for senior citizens. But that same day Ohio issued COVID-19 restrictions on large gatherings, and it was put on hold.


That hasn’t stopped the Pacesetters’ ministry from serving seniors in a different way—both those in Dwell and those in the community. Pacesetters has paired 80 Dwell seniors with younger volunteers who are checking in with them by phone, chatting with them, and praying with them. If needed, they’re picking up groceries and running other errands so the seniors can stay safely at home.

Katie McCauley is in the college ministry, and she and some of her roomates are volunteering. She says the older woman she's connected with seemed very appreciative, and that a short phone call went a long way to be helpful.

And Katie says she, herself, found it helpful--"I was encouraged to hear an example of what it looks like to follow God for the long haul. And it was challenging for me to hear the woman request prayers for her family's safety and talk about how much she missed seeing people in our fellowship." Katie encourages you to consider becoming a volunteer since it's something you can do from home.

In addition, Pacesetters has gathered up encouraging notes and cards for people who live at Friendship Village in Columbus. The group dropped off more than 200 cards to be distributed there. This is in addition to hundreds more cards and letters from individual home churches.

If you’d like to be a part of these volunteer efforts, contact Pacesetters at