New Class on Paul's Way of Discipling

Summer is a great time to take a Dwell class. Doug O'Malley will be teaching a 3 week class, “Paul, the Disciplemaker,” starting July 14th. The class looks at Paul's discipleship ministry and the insights we can glean for our own discipling ministry. You can register for this and other Dwell classes at this link.

Doug shares more with us about this class:

What led you to create it? I'd wanted to keep improving as a discipler, and I figured Paul was a good person to learn from. What made him so successful? How did he do it? In my personal time I wound up doing a study on what scripture had to say about Paul's discipleship and ministry career. I learned a ton from it and was surprised how much there was if I looked closely enough. That study spawned this class.

Who do you picture benefitting from it and why? I think this class will be helpful for a wide range of disciplers. We cover an assortment of principles and practical ideas. So on the one hand, we definitely cover things that will be helpful for people just starting to build a discipleship ministry. But when we ran this class last year, some of the most positive feedback on it came from people who had been leading home churches for a long time. I guess that's part of the beauty of discipleship: you always can get stronger in it.

Dwell classes have returned to an in-person format--are you pleased about that? Absolutely. In this church we have so many committed workers who have good insights to offer and interesting questions to ask. That comes out much more clearly during in-person classes than it does over Zoom.

Anything else you want to add? I'm thankful to be in a church where the leaders are confident that the most important work that we do happens behind closed doors. I hope we never lose that. And if this class contributes to more successful discipleship, then I'm thankful to have been a part of that.