Dwell Offering New Class on Peacemaking


“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” Matt. 5:9

This fall Dwell is offering a new class, Peacemaking. Liz Sweet will be teaching this four week class, starting November 8th. Liz answers some questions about the class:

What is the class about? The class is about becoming peacemakers. We all face conflict, and the class provides practical ways to think about conflict. We’ll also discuss ideas about how we can let God influence and change our mindset.

How did you develop it? The class was developed by reading and taking peacemaker and relational wisdom classes from Ken Sande. I also drew on my experiences of helping people work through conflict.

Why are we offering it? If we can get experience learning to approach conflict as an opportunity, and learning some practical ways to engage God in the process, we can become better at resolving conflict, and we can thrive despite conflict.

What are one or two topics you'll be covering, that you think will be useful or surprising to people? Conflict can be an opportunity for something good to happen; We can learn practical ways to think about ourselves, others, and God that will change the way conflict impacts us.

Who is it aimed at? Who will most benefit? Is it open/relevant to non-Christians? Anyone who wants to think through how to become better at working through conflict, anyone who has been hurt by conflict before, anyone who has an interest in helping others work through conflict. Although I will be talking about God's perspective, I think non-Christians could benefit from the class.

Is peacemaking something anyone can learn to do? Absolutely--everyone can learn to be a peacemaker!

You can get more details about the class and register at this link.