Prophesy Class Starts Soon

Dwell Pastor James Rochford is offering the class, “Biblical Prophecy: Confirmed Cases of Future Predictions.” The class starts August 17th and runs 5 weeks. James answers some questions about the class: 

What will you be covering? Why this approach to the broad subject of Biblical prophecy?

I've been updating my research on the study of the fulfilled predictions of the Bible for about a decade since writing Evidence Unseen in 2013. After another decade of studying these prophecies, my confidence in the evidence for predictive prophecy continues to grow. Studying this material will boost your faith too.

For Christians, what's the value of being sharp on this subject?

It's easy to open up our Bibles with people exploring their faith to predictions like Psalm 22 or Isaiah 53. You don't need a seminary degree to show people how powerful these predictions are! My goal in this class is simply to help students have depth and rigor when it comes to explaining these prophecies. I want them to feel confident to answer objections that they might run into.

Are non-Christians welcome? What value do you see for an investigator, or even a skeptic?

The last time I ran this class in 2012 we had a couple of people who were still figuring out what they believed about Jesus. They really enjoyed the content, and stayed for all 5 weeks. They expressed that they had never heard anything like this before at a church.

You can learn more about the class and register at