Renegade Plans for Summer Camp, Reconnects with Kids

Dwell’s Renegade ministry is looking ahead, planning for its summer camp, working to re-connect with families it served pre-COVID, and expanding to new families

Renegade serves kids in low-income urban neighborhoods, working to meet their spiritual needs, as well as some of their families’ physical needs. Before COVID, Renegade offered weekly Bible study meetings at three different locations--the south side, Linden, and “43229,” near Dwell’s Main Campus. Currently it holds one meeting at Building X, consolidating the three meetings into one.

Renegade Director Bob Fisher says they’ve had a lot of ups and downs since COVID hit. For a time, they had to cancel all in-person meetings. Volunteers focused on supporting Renegade families in other ways, including groceries and supplies. Last fall they were able to start holding weekly Bible studies in local parks, but Franklin County’s Level 4 designation forced them to end that. 

Bob says, “Our biggest negative due to the pandemic was the loss of families and being limited to half capacity for pickup which shut down our ability to invite new students.”

But he says things are more hopeful now. Since February, they have been holding one consolidated weekly meeting at Building X for all kids served by Renegade, and are able to more freely give students rides. “While our weekly numbers are low, we feel the foundation is still in place, praying as things keep relaxing we will be able to expand our numbers, reaching more urban kids in the Linden, south side, and 43229 area.”

In a few weeks, Renegade will hold its summer camp, offering sports, arts, and music activities, as well as Bible studies. In the past, the camp has allowed kids to have new experiences, make new friends, and best of all, start a relationship with God through the good news of the gospel. And through the camp, kids have enjoyed the caring investment of volunteers.

Camp is July 12th-16th at Calumet Christian School and is for kids pre-k to 5th grade. The camp could use a few more volunteers and some help with food for breakfast and lunch--it's a great project for a home church. If interested, email Bob Fisher at

And please pray for the camp's success!