Meet Dwell Staff Member Ryan Hall

By Dwell Operations Division Coordinator Steve Bauer

Our Central Teachings and many key church events require intensive support before, during, and after each meeting. One area that carries a key role in ensuring excellence in what we seek to do for God’s kingdom is Sound & Light, headed by Ryan Hall. Ryan came to work for Dwell in the midst of the pandemic in August 2020. His solid background in all-things-audio was obvious, but we didn’t fully realize what an incredible servant Ryan was as he came in to overhaul our Sound & Light services. Ryan is a true audio engineer along with being an incredible musician, which was what professionals we checked with informed us was precisely what we needed to have in this role.

Ryan has continued to develop not only a flexible digital infrastructure in support of our many church meetings, but has pulled together an outstanding team of user-focused, technically proficient, diligent workers. The serving ethos of the Sound & Light team is evident to all, as we have seen gains in responsiveness and a clear focus on how to best meet user and audience needs. Our church leadership’s confidence in this area’s approach to work and results has risen in the short time Ryan has been at the helm.

When the team went above-and-beyond to address several recent requests for CT support, Senior Sphere Leader and Elder Scott Risley noted, “I was super happy about this as well as many other moves these guys have made. It was a great example of taking initiative, creative thinking, technical expertise, and even communicating about what they have done.”

Many have noted the level of ownership and availability that Ryan fosters as he leads his team. As he was facing an issue with a volunteer missing their commitment at a key meeting, Bret McCallum shared, “Ryan has dropped everything he was doing twice now in order to help at events so he could troubleshoot me through the sound booth to get the event set up. I think once he was even on vacation and still helped me. It shows a servant can-do attitude. He's happy to help.”

As with so many of the incredible staff God has brought to bear on the work of Dwell, we are grateful to know that Ryan, and his team, are on-the-job each day. Their behind-the-scenes roles are critical to the message of the gospel getting out to hundreds of people. Ryan is a gifted resource and has established a great team to meet Dwell’s needs for years to come. He has done an outstanding job all while maintaining Christ-centered personal ministry and raising 2 boys with his wife Sue.