An Easy Way To Help Send Thousands of Dollars into Ministry

Credit cards are part of everyday life, and so easy to use. But card use comes at a cost, and at Dwell, the cost of receiving money to the General Fund from credit cards adds up to over $11,000 a year.

As you plan how to donate to Dwell this year, Operations Division Coordinator Steve Bauer asks you to consider not using a credit card. He says if everyone converted these donations to bank withdrawals or EFTs the cost would drop to less than $1,000--"If people made this simple change we could put over $10,000 to work on Christ-driven ministry in the church instead of paying credit card processors those fees."

Another plus of not using a credit card is your giving won’t get interrupted if your card expires or has to be replaced. 

You can set up a regular EFT donation for your pledged donation or you can set it as a regularly paid bill from your bank account. You can also make one-time donations as a bank withdrawal, rather than a credit card transaction.

Contact Alan Burkholder at if you have questions.