Dwell Offers Survey of the Bible This Winter

In January Dwell will be offering the class, Survey of the Bible, taught by John Cleary. John answers some questions about the class, and shares why you should consider taking it:

What is Survey of the Bible

John: Survey of the Bible? Snooze alert--why even consider it? Our familiarity with the Bible may not necessarily bring satisfaction, delight, or daily usefulness. You are familiar with a soccer ball—but that doesn't mean you really enjoy kicking it around. We all have grown up seeing the soccer ball kicked around, but unless we dribble it, play with it, or exercise and pass it back and forth, do we really enjoy handling the soccer ball? Same with God's Word. Survey of the Bible offers a chance to gain the bigger picture of God's Word given to you. You'll gain a framework that can influence and change the way you approach God's Word

Who is it aimed at? Will people of all levels of Bible knowledge benefit? 

John: Whether you are investigating the Bible to see if it's something of value or you are hoping to gain motivation and direction in your time in the Word, Survey of the Bible offers a chance for you to develop in your pursuit. 

What's your burden for it? What do you hope people get out of it?

John: For many years I believed that the Bible had great value, but it was always something distant and dry. It certainly wasn't something I "longed for night and day" or "woke in the middle of the night" to enjoy (Psalm 1:2). I couldn't relate to King David's enthusiasm about the Word (and he was talking about books like Leviticus and Numbers) and I wasn't having that kind of experience. I thought that I must not have the kind of faith, or maybe even the intelligence to get what David and so many others seemed to have. It turns out for me, and for many of us, sometimes our approach and basic handling of the Word can change a lot of our enjoyment and bring an incredible chance for God to offer us the joy and delight that David experienced.

Survey of the Bible starts January 5th and runs for 5 weeks. You can register at dwellcc.org/classes. Consider inviting a friend to sign up with you!