Consider Pursuing Higher Education through TEDS Program

If you’re looking for a new challenge, Dwell’s TEDS program may be it. The program offers you the chance to pursue world-class theological studies here in Columbus, with Dwell serving as an off-campus location for Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS), located in Chicago.

Harry Sarvis, who serves as Dwell’s TEDS Site Coordinator, encourages you to consider enrolling in the program. He answers some questions about it:

For someone who may be unfamiliar with Dwell's TEDS program, what is it? What kind of degree does it offer at completion? 

We offer two tracks–a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies and a Certificate in Theological Studies.

How great an opportunity does it present, having this program offered here in Columbus? 

This program provides an excellent opportunity to pursue biblical/theological training without having to travel hours away to attend a world-class seminary. Here are just a few of the benefits to having the program here at Dwell:

It’s affordable–we charge about half the price of TEDS main campus. Students can take courses towards a degree for less than $1500 per course (compared to at least $2500 per course offered directly through TEDS). Course audits at our extension site are a mere $300.

It’s in-person–we fly in TEDS professors from its main campus in Deerfield, Illinois to teach our courses in person. This allows for direct student-professor interaction with world-class professors. These are not on-line courses. 

It’s flexible–you would only need to be in Columbus during class weekends (typically 7pm-10pm on Friday and 8:30am-4pm on Saturday, once a month). All other work is done by correspondence. This allows students to obtain further theological training without having to relocate to a seminary’s main campus.

Who has been your traditional student? 

Over the years, our typical student has been someone who is on staff at a local church (including Dwell) or parachurch organization who wants to further their theological education.  We have also, from time to time, people who have audited classes. We have seen this especially during our classes which we offer at part of the Xenos Summer Institute. 

Who else should consider enrolling?

I believe our TEDS program is ideal for people who are entering a new season of their lives and want to pursue additional education and ministry opportunities.  I, myself, have recently retired from a 30+ year career and am now pursuing my Masters degree. I believe there are many others in a similar situation that would benefit from participating in this program.

Do people need to commit to fulfilling all the degree requirements or can they just take a class?

No, you don't need to commit to obtaining a Masters or Certificate to take classes through our TEDS Program.  You can enroll as a student and take classes for credit and decide later on if you want to pursue a degree. Also, you can audit these classes, at a discounted price.   

How do people get started?

You can visit our webpage to learn more and to register for one of our upcoming Spring Semester classes.  You can also email me if you have any additional questions or need assistance with the registration process.