Unique Dwell Group Unites for Service

A group of about 100 Dwell members are finding an outlet for their desire to help the Central Ohio community—the Young Professionals Service Group. The group has served in over a dozen service projects, and invites other people from Dwell to join them

Founder Jessi Middleton says the group is there to serve both community needs and young people in Dwell seeking to serve in the community. Here Jessi shares more with us about the group:

What is the Young Professionals Service Group and how did it start?

The idea was first discussed in 2016, the group was formed in May 2018. The goal of the group is to connect young adults in all spheres of Dwell Community Church while serving our local community and cultivating new friendships.

Who is a part of the group? Do you need to be a professional to be a part?

“Young professional” is typically defined as someone in their 20s and 30s, so the name was the best way for us to describe the age demographic. Anyone in any sphere of Dwell in this age group is welcome to join! We have all kinds in the group--college students, post-college, those in trades, married, single, people with kids, etc.

What kind of service programs/projects are you guys involved in?

We've participated in over 14 different types of community service! The highlights include partnering with the Clintonville Resource Center and helping with the Community Clothing Outreach in Linden and with events with the Columbus Metro Library. We also have social hang outs which, for now, are outside because of COVID. 

We also welcome and are ready support new service ideas, initiated by group members, and we’re ready to come alongside other organizations, as long as it’s in service to the community.

Beyond community needs, what needs does this group meet for its members?

This group serves many functions for people in their 20s and 30s who are involved. It helps connect those who feel isolated or disconnected from their peers who are learning to "adult." It offers them a way to have an outward focus as they serve our city and be ambassadors for Christ. Community service provides opportunities to share the gospel and be good representatives for Dwell. The group offers ways to cultivate new friendships in the Body of Christ. And it also helps bridge the gap between college and adult spheres.

What's your hope for the group’s future?

In the future, I would love this group to called upon by Dwell and our city as dependable, caring people who stand out as lights in a dark world. Additionally, I hope that more Dwell members become aware of and will join this opportunity to fellowship with each other as we navigate life together.

Can more people join?

We are always looking to add more people to the group! The only requirement is that someone be a member of Dwell and in their 20s or 30s. Email Jessi Middleton (jessi.middleton@gmail.com) to get involved.