Dwell Offers Class on Upper Room Discourse

This spring, Dwell is offering a new class, looking at the Upper Room Discourse. It starts May 24th and you can register at this link.

Ryan Weingartner will be the teacher, and shares some thoughts about it with us:

What is the class about?

The class covers the content from the last speech Jesus gives to his disciples in John 13-17 just before He's arrested. We will walk verse by verse through the passage, but also see the repeated themes in His speech.

What do people misunderstand about this passage? Why is it vital to understand it?

People tend to know the foot washing passage (John 13:1-17) and the vine and branches passage (John 15:1-17). But beyond that, it's often seen as incoherent rambling to be skipped over. However, there is a clear outline of what Jesus wants His disciples to know, and there are key repeated themes which emphasize Spirit-led life in the church age. Jesus knew he was leaving and had one last night to prepare his disciples for what was to come. The content he shares is exactly what we need to know as Spirit-indwelt New Covenant believers. It's an extremely vital portion of Scripture.

Who is this class aimed at? Experienced students of the Bible, beginners, or both?

This class is aimed at both experienced students of the Bible and beginners. I'm sure anyone who digs in with me will get much out of it, both for their overall knowledge of the Bible and for the practical application of walking by the Spirit.