Areas of Leadership Responsibility

Dennis McCallum
Christian leaders have to function in a number of areas, and different leaders will perform better in some areas than others. Leaders should appraise their own strengths and weaknesses, not hesitating to get help in their weak areas when possible. At the same time, all leaders need to be ready in principle to perform in all of these areas on occasion.

As in Adam, So in Christ

Dennis McCallum
Before anything can change on the deepest level in our lives, we have to lose the identity we have in Adam. As long as that identity remains the same, our outer actions may change to some extent, but such change doesn't amount to much in the ultimate sense. Losing our identity in Adam is different than losing our sin nature, as we will see later.

Balance in Spiritual Experience: "Crisis" vs "Process"

Gary DeLashmutt
Christian spiritual experience is a very broad and rich biblical theme. We have been invited into a personal relationship with Christ--a relationship that can be experienced. We have been given the gift of the New Covenant--the Holy Spirit who personally communicates the life of Jesus Christ to us and through us to the world. For these and other biblical reasons, we are fully justified in both wanting and cultivating a rich experiential dimension in our relationships with Christ.

Balancing Home & Church Ministry

Doug Patch
Tension, confusion, frustration, and even spiritual defeat often confronts the Christian who tries to balance church ministry and home ministry. Is this God's intent? Or is His will that both areas of ministry thrive, each fueling the other, and are both rewarding and fulfilling? I think we can guess the answer. The following is a practical guideline for the Christian worker who deals with these questions and tension in their life. This paper is written as a blend of biblical principles of ministry and personal experience. It is not an arrogant expression of the writer having "arrived," but rather a reflection of his aspirations.

Baptism at Dwell

Gary DeLashmutt
Water baptism is a symbolic act that allows believers to publicly acknowledge their need for God's forgiveness. The people of Israel evidently began practicing baptism during the period between the end of the Old Testament and the birth of Christ. When non-Jewish people came to believe in God and wanted to become members of Israel, they were required to undergo an immersion baptism. This baptism was a symbolic washing through which they agreed about their need for God's cleansing (forgiveness) of their sins.

Bible Overview

Jessica Lowery
This paper is designed to give a young disciple a brief overview of the Bible, in the hopes that a big picture understanding will propel them into better personal Bible studies. This paper is ideal for someone who knows nothing about the story of the Bible. Also, many people are familiar with the New Testament, but not the Old. In that case, the Old Testament section can be studied without the New Testament section. Use the ideas below to set up a seven to nine-week cooperative study with the person you are discipling.

Book 1: Understanding the Church

Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt

Calvinism & Arminianism: Controversial Passages

Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
Calvinists and Arminians hold differing views on key theological concepts. A handful of controversial passages explore these differences.