Registration Now Open for Dwell Summer Camps

With COVID cases decreasing and a plan for safety measures, Dwell is moving forward with plans for Epic and Blowout Camp this summer. Epic, for high-school students, is scheduled for July 4th-10th, and Blowout Camp, for middle-schoolers, is scheduled for July 4th-9th.

Both camps have a safety plan in place, and offer most activities outdoors. Students will be required to take a COVID test, showing a negative result, just before camp. Masks will be required inside, teachings will be done with social distancing, and there will be daily temperature checks. If possible, students are asked to quarantine before camp.

Dwell Middle School Ministry Director Quest Shannon says Blowout Camp is a great week for students to build and deepen their relationships in their groups and with God. And he says the fun they have during the week serves an important purpose. "Often students believe the lie that following God is boring and lame. This camp goes a long way to dispelling that notion.

Epic Director Brian Adams says Epic has tremendous value to students at all stages of their walk with God. “They get abundant opportunities to practice the “one another” commands. If anyone has spent extensive time living with other Christians, you know the profound effect it can have on your own desire to be spiritual - to read the Bible, pray and serve others. Getting a full week of that at Epic is truly invigorating for our students, and that excitement often translates home into an energized walk with God.”

And he says many non-Christian students join them, and have a chance to really consider the claims of Christ. “For many non-Christians, Epic is where they start a personal relationship with God.”Brian says students COVID restrictions have left students hungry for personal interaction, particularly since last year’s camp had to be cancelled. He says students have been craving the chance to enjoy the outdoors with their peers.

Epic will be held at its usual location--Spring Hill Camp in Seymour, Indiana. Blowout Camp moves to a new location--Camp Michindoh in Hillsdale, Michigan. You can get more information about these camps--the cost, how to sign up, provisions for those who paid last year and didn’t get a refund--on the Dwell website. For Epic information, go to and for Blowout Camp, go to

Please be praying for a safe and spiritually rich week for these students!