Lead in Oasis Ministry



We require our youth leaders to maintain regular and active participation in Christian fellowship. For our church, this usually means active engagement in Central Teaching (CT), home church, cell group, and/or discipleship. It is important for students to witness their leaders living out a committed Christian lifestyle.

If you are new to this church, and have an interest in serving, please feel free to email us at oasis@dwellcc.org.

If your personal walk with Christ, marriage, or other vital area begins to seriously falter during your term of service, it is important for you to communicate with us as soon as possible. It’s also important for your home church leader to be aware. We want all of our leaders to have a growing relationship with Christ and His church. The home church leader who recommended you for this work also committed to notifying us if things change, but we would rather you contact us personally. We value the spiritual vitality of you and our students.


Every volunteer is signing up to be a “leader” among a team of leaders. We do not want Oasis volunteers to simply be “babysitters” who only show up and watch children during Central Teachings. We want you to be a vital part of the leadership team and to excel in this ministry. Leadership is a privilege and you are presented as a living example to one and all. Work in Oasis is spiritual leadership (1 Timothy 3), and as such, a high calling from God.


Teaching! You may be called on to teach! Oasis provides extensive lesson plans which can be used to prepare an exciting and engaging teaching. There are sections for background preparation, ideas for discussion questions, and tips for transitions between crafts, games, and music. You can work with your classroom team leader to get experience in this vital role.

Fun! Many students hear about God for the first time during elementary school. You have the opportunity to show them that living for God is fun and fulfilling. The things these kids learn and see in our classrooms will stick with them for the rest of their lives. If you have fun following God, then they’ll see that and want to imitate your life!

Attend our yearly training meeting. This meeting is short, but covers important issues in youth work and our ministry. It is also a chance for you to interact with other Oasis volunteers who work in similar classrooms.


Apply using our online application.