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Past Meetings and PowerPoints

Title Teacher Audio PPT Handout
Caregiving Fundamentals: Facts, Feelings, and Frustrations Gayle Reed & Jill Waterman mp3 PPT
Avoiding Scams Danielle Murphy mp3 PPT
Thriving Through Chronic Pain & Disability Mali Martin & Greg Roth mp3 PPT  
Caring for Aging parents while Balancing other Commitments Cliff & Cathy Treyens mp3 PPT Treyens Handout
Understanding Hospice Jill Waterman Contact the Study Center at PPT Class Outline
Caring for Friends or Family with a Terminal Illness David DiPietro Contact the Study Center at PPT Baker Handout
DiPietro Handout
Waxing Spiritually as You Wane Physically Gary DeLashmutt mp3 PPT