College Central Teachings

The fifteen hundred member college ministry meets each week in four different venues to hear Central Teachings (CTs).

Central Teachings are similar to Ted Talks, except that after the speaker presents, the floor is opened for questions, comments, or critique from the crowd. People like Central Teachings because they provide the opportunity to hear the Bible explained in normal language. These are not worship services--no singing, just Bible teaching, discussion, and prayer.

Central Teaching is every Monday & Thursday at 8:00 PM at both the Warehouse and 4th Street.

Warehouse: 600 E Oakland Park, 43214

4th Street Study Center: 1934 N. 4th Street, Columbus, OH 43201

Dwell leaders teach these meetings, rotating on a quarterly basis. Read about our leaders.

Interested in checking out Central Teaching? Feel free to check it out or contact with questions.