Home Church Leaders

The backbone of Dwell is our network of thriving home churches, which are spread throughout central Ohio and offer guided Bible study and discussion, prayer and extended times of relaxed fellowship. These groups are led by hundreds of top-quality volunteers who undergo extensive training and meet stringent biblical character requirements.

Leadership Training

Leaders must develop a variety of skills: teaching the Bible; persuading others of the biblical worldview; serving various functional tasks; planning good meetings and events; forming relationships with diverse people; and training younger members to excel at these same tasks.

Training comes primarily through the home church. Workers hear multiple expository Bible teachings each week and can receive extensive development through personal discipleship (2 Timothy 2:2; Matthew 28:18-20). Discipleship is an in-depth, multiyear, purposeful friendship with a more mature believer who transmits theological instruction and practical skill development in evangelism, apologetics, counseling and more.

In addition, Dwell operates an entire division to equip workers and leaders. Its primary tools include a robust class lineup, dozens of essays on key spiritual issues and an extensive lending library. Its cutting-edge summer conference, XSI, includes dozens of talks on relevant ministry issues by internally renowned Christian authors.

After leaders are raised up, they receive extensive ongoing training by meeting with trained ministry coaches, attending retreats and seminars and maintaining friendships with other leaders.

Requirements for Home Church Leaders

  • Meet biblical character qualifications for deacons. You can read about them in the in Qualifications for Deacons
  • Work to become members of the Dwell Servant Team. This includes completing required coursework within 3 years of becoming a leader
  • Be a member of good standing of the Dwell Fiscal Support Team
  • Actively discipling at least one person.

Leadership Teams

At Dwell, every home church is led by at least two leaders. Leadership plurality has many benefits and is often one of the most enjoyable aspects of overseeing a home church. Every home church leadership team works under a top-level pastor called a sphere leader. Sphere leaders are themselves accountable to the church's board of elders.