Servant Team

The Dwell Servant Team is a group of 800+ adults who have devoted their lives to accomplishing the Great Commission through our church. Each member has devoted years to classroom training, discipleship, leadership and sacrificially loving others. Each has a defined ministry role in the church and lives by the standards set forth in the Servant Covenant.

Why have a Servant Team?

The Dwell Servant Team embodies the biblical character and ministry requirements for leaders, models the blessings of a life lived fully for God and works to carry out the vision established by our elders. Founding pastor Dennis McCallum laid out the goal of the team in a position paper in 1993:

The elders are setting out to establish a Servant Team made up of those who will take upon themselves the burden of following the Lord at the highest level. These are Christians from all ministries who understand what God wants, and who have denied self to accomplish his will.

Also, Servant Team membership fosters a lifetime of growth for leaders. Most meetings at Dwell welcome skeptics, seekers, young believers and mature workers. But Servant Team meetings, discussions and retreats provide opportunity for leaders to learn advanced material and debate important topics.

Members of the Servant Team are deacons at Dwell.

How do MEMBERS join?

Members must be nominated by an existing member and approved by their sphere leader. They agree to high standards of character, service and financial giving. Members must:

  • Practice regular prayer and Bible study
  • Attend and contribute to a Dwell home church
  • Attend Central Teachings
  • Join the Fiscal Support Team
  • Lead a home church or engage in an equivalent ministry
  • Handle conflict and dissent maturely inside and outside the church
  • Embody the character qualifications for deacons
  • Engage in disciple-making in our church
  • Attend and participate in Servant Team functions
  • Complete all leadership coursework
  • Complete at least one five-week class every two years
  • Keep the requirements of the Servant Covenant
  • Avoid discrediting behavior
  • Cooperate with a periodic review process

Our team is a high-commitment association of dedicated Christian workers — men and women resolved to give their all for Christ. Qualifying for the team normally takes years of work and growth.

Servant Covenant

All team members must support, sign and abide by the code of service detailed in the Servant Covenant, which may be filled out online or printed as a PDF or Word document and returned to:

Sherri Fojas
Dwell Community Church
1340 Community Park Dr.
Columbus, OH 43229

Servant Team Renewal

All Servant Team members must renew their commitment every three years by signing the covenant. Servant Team members who aren't home group leaders need also to complete this form.

Servant Team Nomination

Members of the Servant Team may nominate others to the team. The nomination will be reviewed and discussed by the elders. We recommend notifying the nominee of the nomination after approval is complete.

Please review the covenant, the qualifications for deacons and the nomination form before starting the process. The form asks for detailed information about the nominee’s character, discipleship, involvement and relationships, so nominators might need to gather current information to complete it.

Nominators can fill out the online form or print and return for leaders or non-leaders to:

Sherri Fojas
Dwell Community Church
1340 Community Park Dr.
Columbus, OH 43229