God's Work through Dwell in 2021

God has worked mightily through Dwell Community Church in 2021. You can see some of the many ways in Dwell's 2021 Annual Report, now available.

Now Available: Welcome to Dwell Video

Dwell is a diverse and active church, committed to the call to share Christ with Central Ohio and the world. In an effort to capture these qualities, Dwell now has a "Welcome to Dwell" video, introducing people to our church.

Dwell Offers Great Class for New Believers

This month Dwell will be offering its Getting Grounded class, designed to help new believers gain firm footing on their walks with God. Doug O'Malley will teach the class, and says the class looks at the ways the Bible says we grow with God

Register Your Child Now for TNT Camp

Registration is now open for Dwell’s TNT Camp, running June 20-24 at Building X. The camp is for incoming 4th and 5th graders, and offers games, crafts, and Bible teachings.

You can register your student here.  TNT Program Director Kathryn Akers says the camp offers both spiritual and relational benefits. “Camp gives students a unique opportunity to bond with their peers over an entire week. It can help a student move forward in their walk with God by imme...

Dwell Co-Founder to Teach Parenting Class

This winter Dwell will be offering the class, "21st Century Christian Parents," taught by Dwell co-founder Dennis McCallum. The 6-week class starts February 9th, and you can register at this link--all who register get a free book. Dennis answers some questions about the class here:

What is the class about?This is a class covering the theology of parenting and perspectives on the parenting task from infancy to teenagers. I draw on science and scripture to evaluate various appr...

Grief Workshop Starts January 12th

By John Montgomery, Dwell Grief Ministry

Beginning January 12th, the Dwell Grief Ministry will offer a workshop called “Navigating your Grief” at the Main Campus Cafe, from 7:00-8:30 p.m. This is a 10-week workshop designed to support, educate, and equip those who are grieving the death of a loved one. 

After a funeral when family and friends have moved on, navigating through the emotions of grief can be very lonely and isolating. Grief can leave you feelin...

Dwell Offers Survey of the Bible This Winter

In January Dwell will be offering the class, Survey of the Bible, taught by John Cleary. John answers some questions about the class, and shares why you should consider taking it:

What is Survey of the Bible? 

John: Survey of the Bible? Snooze alert--why even consider it? Our familiarity with the Bible may not necessarily bring satisfaction, delight, or daily usefulness. You are familiar with a soccer ball—but that doesn't mean you really enjoy kicking it around. We all have g...

Meet Dwell Staff Member Ryan Hall

By Dwell Operations Division Coordinator Steve Bauer

Our Central Teachings and many key church events require intensive support before, during, and after each meeting. One area that carries a key role in ensuring excellence in what we seek to do for God’s kingdom is Sound & Light, headed by Ryan Hall. Ryan came to work for Dwell in the midst of the pandemic in August 2020. His solid background in all-things-audio was obvious, but we didn’t fully realize what an incredible...

Dwell Adds 2 New Global Partners

By the Dwell Missions Staff

Tumaini Christian Fellowship leaders

We are thrilled to announce that Dwell has two new Global Partners. We have formed new partnerships with church planters in Burkina Faso and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These ministries have gone through an extensive vetting process, including multiple field visits to observe the work and conversations with their leadership.

In Burkina Faso, Kingdom Investments International is dedicated to chur...

High Schoolers Sample What's Next at College Connection

Dwell’s College Connection event is coming up in a few weeks, giving high school juniors and seniors a taste of Dwell’s college ministry. It can be a critical experience for students who are making significant decisions about their future.

The transition from high school to college is a time many Christian students abandon their involvement in Christian fellowship. College Connection works to give them a vision for following God during their college years and beyond, and motivates the...