Reaching People for Christ

Championing Evangelism in Your Sphere of Influence

Photo of Gary DeLashmutt
Gary DeLashmutt

Philippians 1:1-7; Philippians 1:9-18; Philippians 2:12-16; Philippians 2:19-31


Being an evangelistic champion can be learned. There are six observations we learn from Paul as he champions evangelism with the Philippians: 1) he expresses excitement about them being partners in sharing the gospel; 2) shares recent experiences in outreach; 3) reports and rejoices in the spread of the gospel; 4) issues the challenge to be witnesses; 5) extols those who work hard at it; 6) prays with and for one another. Anyone can be an advocate for evangelism. Commit yourself by God's grace to be an evangelistic champion and ask God for one or two steps you can take this week to do this.


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